Opposition to the Reviva Composting Limited’s site off Elstree Hill South
Cllr. Pat Strack of the Elstree and Borehamwood Green Belt Society Committee writes
Campaign: The Elstree and Borehamwood Green Belt Society (EBGBS) is greatly concerned by the proposal from Reviva to extend their buildings to accommodate the recycling waste that they are storing on their site off Elstree Hill South (A5183).
EBGBS are involved in the opposition to the Reviva proposals along with Elstree Village Preservation Society and Brockley Hill Residents Association. Also active is the Elstree and Borehamwood Resident’s Association and many local residents. Local MPs are supportive. Hertsmere Borough Council councillors concerned are Caroline Clapper, Morris Bright, Harvey Cohen, Ian Ray and Seamus Quilty. Gavin Burns, Hertsmere’s Principal Environmental Health Officer is involved. Andrew Dismore, a member of the London Assembly, has given his strong support.
Volunteers will deliver leaflets produced by Cllr. Pat Strack to Elstree village residents
Background: The area is Green Belt land and it is questionable whether permission was correctly given for a recycling centre in the first place. To enlarge the buildings would further compound the situation and would not stop – indeed could increase – the offensive effluvia that frequently make life a misery for residents of Elstree and surrounding areas
The process of loading and unloading the removal lorries generates really horrible stenches and must surely be a health hazard for staff and nearby households.
We suggest that it is dangerous to enclose rotting vegetation, as there would be an attendant overheating and therefore fire risk.
The wonder whether the attempt to control the foul smell by extraction and filtration would be unnecessarily costly and question whether it would actually be effective, especially given the propensity for technology to fail from time to time.
They believe that the site is far too close to a residential area and should be relocated at the earliest opportunity.
We question whether Reviva provided any evidence that their proposals had been used effectively on another site? If so, which sites have they cited for that evidence and how effective was the technology?
Much of the smell is generated by the lorries loading and unloading. In the original planning application there was a restriction of lorry size and movements. Who is responsible for monitoring this to ensure that Reviva comply and with what result?
How often is the site monitored by the Environment Agency? It is perceived that lorry movements have increased significantly since the Conway site has closed at Woodcock Hill farm. Reviva should keep records about waste in and waste out for business purposes. Who checks those?
Reviva has changed their intake from purely green waste to biodegradable waste: we believe that methane sulphur and ammonia are generated. An original restriction was that no biodegradable waste would be recycled on that site. When was permission given for the biodegradable waste to be recycled there? Who monitors the type of waste handled at the Elstree site?
What effect is this new waste product having on the ground water? Is the Environment Agency responsible for monitoring this, or are other agencies involved?
The nearby crossroads in Elstree has been identified as a pollution hot spot by Hertfordshire County Council. There can be little doubt that the air quality at the recycling location by the busy A41 and M1 routes also has poor air quality. Who is monitoring this now for fungal spores and harmful particulates that could be generated by the recycling site?
The application should be put on hold until all of these points are addressed and satisfactory answers provided from the Environment Agency, Hertfordshire County Council, the agency responsible for air quality control etc. etc.
The Elstree and Borehamwood Green Belt Society is encouraging all those affected by the “invasive smell” to send their objections to the spatial planning department at Hertfordshire County Council, quoting planning reference Case Number – 0/2139-16 Reviva Extension
Pat Strack
EBGBS Committee