REVIVA – Letter from Dr Ann Goddard

Dr Ann Goddard
28 Deacons Hill Road
Herts WD6 3LH
3 February 2017
The Environment and Planning Department
Herts County Council
County Hall
Pegs Lane
Hertford SG13 8DQ

Re Planning Application Case 0/2139-16

Dear Sirs,
The Elstree and Borehamwood Green Belt Society is greatly concerned by the conditions in Elstree village and surrounds resulting from the operations of Reviva Recycling Centre.
The revolting and noxious gases are making the lives of local residents a misery. I have personally experienced the stench and it was nauseating.
There is also the question of health hazard. We would point out that St Nicholas Primary School, Hill House Care Home and Stanmore Orthopaedic Hospital are all within range of potential toxins, bacterial and fungal emissions as well as local families.
The modifications submitted by Reviva in their Application do not seem effective.
The Elstree and Borehamwood Green Belt Society is objecting on the grounds that Reviva have breached Health and Safety regulations in accepting contaminated waste woods and paper pellets and are carrying out illegal sales of wood and gravel contrary to their remit.
The Recycling Centre should not have originally been sited on Green Belt land so near a settlement.
Yours faithfully
Ann Goddard . Chairman Elstree and Borehamwood Green Belt Society.