A campaign group of residents and businesses dedicated to shutting the fetid and unhealthy Elstree Hill South Composting site and bringing clean untainted air back to this part of Hertsmere, London Borough of Barnet and London Borough of Harrow!

We have suffered for too long. The Site must now close.

Never again in this area!!!!!!

Proposed Extension to Green Waste Site Elstree Hill South. Herts CC REf: Applic ID: 0/2139-16 Reviva Extension


The Directors at REVIVA have been given time to present evidence to HCC officers on managing the odour before it goes again to the Planning Committee in March 2017. We insist they should produce an Air Management Scheme and an Odour Management Plan ahead of their planning application being heard to ensure both are robust. They must provide evidence where these methods have been used effectively

Your views are important We encourage you to send separate responses/objections by February 8th 2017 but would be considered up to March committee date.

Response to Felicity Hart, Spatial Planning & Economy Unit CHN 216, County Hall, Pegs Lane, Herts SG13 8DN Email: phone 01992 556256

More information Elstree & B/wood Green Belt Society

To report smells Contact Environment Agency 0800 80 70 60 Note the date and time and get a case reference number.

Report this case ref to Elsa –

STENCH is the Campaign Group comprising Brockley Hill Residents Association, BHRA, Elstree & B/wood Green Belt Society, EBGBS, Elstree Village Preservation Society, EVPS, Elstree and B/wood Residents Association.EBRA   Composers Estate Residents. We are supported by Oliver Dowden, Hertsmere MP and Andrew Dismore, Barnet GLA member.