Who Are We


The Green Belt Society was formed by law in 1949 to prevent speculative ribbon development around London and other large cities in the United Kingdom.

The first records of E&BGBS date from 1959 when the battles against building on Woodcock Hill on the South side of Borehamwood started and the Woodcock Hill Society (now merged with the GBS) was founded under Dr Lewis Wilde.

We have been contesting Green Belt and conservation issues to the present day. 


Past Campaigns


Rail Freight Interchange at Park Street

We opposed this along with many local groups and it was refused planning permission by St Albans City Council after vigorous lobbying.

Woodcock Hill

Alongside WHOSE (Woodcock Hill Open Space Forever) we opposed this building plan and the 40 year battle has now been won. Woodcock Hill was formally declared a “Village Green” in 2008.

United Kingdom Land Investment Ltd

Land banking along Theobald Street to the North of Rossington Avenue was vigorously opposed and the site carefully monitored. The United Kingdom Land Investment Company has now gone into receivership.

Green Waste Recycling

We are all for waste recycling but these sites need to be placed away from dwellings. We resisted expansion of the site on Barnet Lane and a planned new one on Elstree Hill South.

Aldenham Country Park
Our AGM was on Wednesday 11 May at 7.15 pm to 9.15 pm in Room 3 of Allum Hall Manor House. 2 Allum Lane Elstree WD6 3PJ.
Our speaker was Professor Martin Bigg, an expert on Environmental Issues. We were very fortunate be able to hear his presentation.
After the Meeting refreshments were served.
If you care about your environment do please join us. All are welcome.


Our membership subscription is a nominal £5.00 payable by cheque or standing order to E&BGBS. You can email Pat Strack Membership Secretary at pat.strack@ntlworld.com  or phone her  on 0208 386 3151

Please consider joining us today!


Objectives 2017
Our aim is to preserve as much as possible of the peaceful green and pleasant countryside which has been left to us after the ravages of road and building developments.

We live in an exceptionally fragile habitat.  Major motorways radiate out from London through Hertsmere and the urban creep of London is always a danger.  The proposed construction of a huge Rail Freight Interchange Station at Park Street is the current greatest threat.  If it goes ahead it will undoubtedly blight the whole area and cause endless road and rail problems.

We are opposed to it together with every other local conservation organisation and the local councils.

Sadly the Green Belt though protected in Law from 1947 is not immune to Central Government edict and we await the outcome of the enquiry in July with great anxiety.

It is not our policy to interfere with reasonable improvements to private property and we are in favour of brownfield development.

We accept that a community has changing needs and cannot be preserved as in a museum.  Playing fields, community centres, libraries and some new housing have to be provided. Our quality of life depends on careful planning especially in the control of traffic.

We try to retain those buildings with interest, history or architectural merit.

The destruction over the years of many landmark houses has robbed Elstree and Borehamwood of much of its visual amenity.  I include the razing of the old cottages on Elstree High Street, the loss of the timber framed house at the Shenley Road / Theobald Street junction and the current demise of Little Organ Hall Farm.  We must preserve what is left.

We are trying to serve the community and speak up for you all.

This is a letter that was sent  on learning of the death of a local green campaigner:

Dear Sir,

We learned with sadness of the death in June 2011 of Dr Lewis Wild lately of Barnet Lane.  He died in Seaford Sussex where he had retired and was in his 96th year.

He held a Doctorate in Chemistry and was employed in research and was married to the late Dr Daphne Wild, a consultant psychiatrist.  He remained active and interested in Greeen Belt news in his retirement.

Borehamwood and Elstree owe him an enormous debt of thanks because he was the founder of The Woodcock Hill Society and campaigned against development of the Hill in the ’60s.  Without his successful fight we would have had nothing to preserve as our Village Green in the recent battle by WHOSE so ably led by Pat Strack our present Mayor and Councillor Sandra Parnell and their team.  Woodcock Hill is historic as well as a beauty spot being the site of the Armada Beacon and Lord George Murray’s Optical Telegraph carrying naval despatches to and from Yarmouth in the 18th century.

The threat to our local countryside continues and is greatly increased by the new government initiatives relaxing controls on development and allowing possible inroads into Green Belt land. We have arranged a meeting with the Hertsmere Planning Department to find out how this will affect us.
I do beg you to join the Green Belt Society for a token fee of £5 per household and add to the weight of protest against encroachment on the green space the divides and protects us from the urban sprawl of London.  Our Membership Secretary is Pat Strack. 36 Carrington Avenue. Borehamwood WD6 3HA  Phone 020 8386 3151 or email: “>pat.strack@ntlworld.com

Yours faithfully,

Dr Ann Goddard

28 Deacons Hill Road Elstree WD6 3LH

Chairman Borehamwood and Elstree Green Belt Society